Sunday, February 5, 2012

an apology

ok so first of all, i just want to say... SORRY!! for my long absence... so i don't know if you recall, but i mentioned before that i have this problem where as soon as i feel things are under control, i take that as a sign to double my workload and get back to drowning-in-stuff-to-do-no-way-out mode... right... (gotta work on that)...
so you see, once we had the whole blog thing going i think i felt extra motivated so i decided to simultaneously launch an entrepreneurial career i'm not really trained for, clean every square inch of my house, recruit and train people to help me with my kids and my life, do more volunteer work, and squeeze in a weekly dance class or two... rrrrright... well as you may be able to imagine, there is not enough time in the day for all such things!!! so unfortunately, although i did try to blog a few times during this period, each time it was usually late at night after a long whirlwind day and either the post would be illiterate or i would fall asleep at the computer before it even came out! *deeeeep breath*

ok so now, I am blessed to hopefully be embarking on a new path of order in my life (let's see if it works!)... my wonderful friend Naomi Rivkah did me this enormous 'chessed' (act of loving-kindness) and found me a fantastic girl to be a mother's helper... and this fantastic girl comes 3 afternoons a week, and she in turn found me another fantastic girl to come a different 2 afternoons a week... so as of today, i seem to have a whole lot of help! YAAAAY!!! so hopefully this will translate to sane, happy, in-control, productive mommy/wife/julie... (in that order... when you're tired/over-extended, it's first hardest to be all those things as a mom, then a wife, then your own person... )

ok and in addition to the blog, the whole entrepreneur thing (which btw i keep spelling without the second 'r' and getting blocked by spell check, although i still think it looks better without it... ha which reminds me of my roommate katie thinking it was hysterical that i insisted the word nauseous was spelled 'nautious'... anyway, i digress...)... ok so yeah, inspired by my dad the entrepReneur, who since i was a kid has been trying to get me to turn every single pastime i ever had (which is a lot, i am the type who likes to dabble in everything instead of focus on one thing... not sure yet if that's good or not...)into a business, i am finally trying to embark on said journey!

you see, right before my daughter sarah was born, i took a course in web design, thinking it might be a fun thing to do on the side from home, seeing as how i had decided that mommy-ing was career choice #1... but then she was born, and a few months later i managed to get tangled up in a web of several different part-time jobs that sucked me into a blackhole of overwhelmingness that i only managed to get out of right before my second daughter rivka was born- ah! (that story for another time, perhaps)... so now here i am, as Rivka approaches 10 months, I am finally getting ready to launch my web/graphic design career, only sooooo annoying, in the last 3 years i have apparently forgotten most of what i learned!! urghh... so actually that's not completely true... i remember a lot and have been having fun experimenting, watching video tutorials ( is one of my new favourite sites- soo much to learn about design it turns out!), and doing small design projects... but the problem comes in when you find yourself having to do things that you do forget, and then spending an hour or two to re-learn them (go tutvid!) before you can get on with the project... ok and wanna know something else funny? i decided i would make my own little design company and out of the blue i thought of a name which i thought was so super cute (toast with jam designs... nice, right?) only to find out like the next day that the website of a friend of mine who is actually a real and incredibly talented designer is called 'toast it'! so weird... anyway if anyone would like to name my company, we're back to the drawing board...

ok so yeah i guess that was all i wanted to say- to offer a little explanation of where i've been and to say sorry for anyone who was disappointed by a lack of posts (namely my family members!), and hopefully with my new life of mother's helpdom i will find the time to blog away!

ok love to everyone, here we go...

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