Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a chocolate tidbit for a laugh

so tonight after i tucked my kids into bed, i went out to my desk and had a bite of chocolate, mmm... then of course, i had to go back in to re-tuck several times... so on the time after the chocolate bite, i bent down to kiss my son on the cheek at which point he immediately perked up, like a guard dog whose ears shoot up on alert, and he demanded to know 'what you eat?!" (4-yr-old grammar)... (because of the potent chocolate smell on my breath) at which point i tried to avoid the question and say goodnight as i walk out of the room... only to hear him continuing to ask this question in escalating tones of urgency as i struggle to suppress my laughter outside his room while explaining to my husband i have been caught eating chocolate at the exclusion of my son!

anyway it was just pretty cute, maybe you had to be there :)

nothin' gets past those little guys...

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