Saturday, December 17, 2011

why the blog?

i'm not sure exactly what i want to write about, or for whom, but I know there is a lot i want to share... i am a Torah observant woman, wife, and mother, and it's totally awesome. until i became one though, I had actually almost never met anyone like that in my life! and before i learned a little bit more about Judaism and what it has to offer, i actually held some pretty nasty stereotypes about what it meant to be a Torah observant woman... oppressed, archaic, 'pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen'!, etc... ich, didn't sound too good... so how could it be that i decided that this was the dream life for me, leaving behind the promise of law school and kushy north american jewish living?? well, i guess that's where the blog comes in! i want to share with you a little bit about what makes my life great, why i chose it, and what that might mean to you... so if you wanna know more about me or maybe hear a tidbit or two of ancient Jewish wisdom, read on! 
p.s. welcome to my blog, happy to have you here!

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