Monday, December 19, 2011

let's dedicate this...

ok so first of all, a huge shout out to all my peeps who made me feel safe, loved, and like this is actually a good idea! it can be kinda scary to put yourself out there, so your support means so much!

ok and secondly, i want to first dedicate this blog to all my parents (dad, 2 moms, in-laws, my many grandparents (kanaina hara), etc.) and to my husband for giving me everything they had, teaching me so much, and helping make me who i am today... and furthermore i want to say that if any "zchusim" (merits/good things) should come out of this blog, like someone gets inspired or excited about life, or just gets a laugh or a little smile, then all of that should be in the merit of my father (Yaakov ben/ son of Golda)'s refuah shleima (speedy and full recovery), amen! any additional prayers for his health would be greatly appreciated!!

ok much love to all, and hopefully a longer post to come soon... maybe a tale about the gooey and delicious little moroccan donuts that will soon take over our household with the onset of channukah tomorrow eve?... mmm... yummy...

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